A regular meeting of the TCO FGP expert group was held in Nur-Sultan

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Ministry of Energy, KMG, TCO, Petrocouncil and other associations.

Issues of project implementation were discussed. At the moment, the project completion is 80%, the design works exceeds 90%, the procurement exceeds 99%. Also, the manufacture of modules has been completed (81 modules were shipped from Korea).

In particular, it is planned that the local content will be 36% by the end of the project. Currently, the local content rate is 33%. As part of the project, TCO awarded contracts to 50 local manufacturers, 1,138 contracts were awarded to 500 local companies, where 260 companies are currently operating. In total, 15.9 billion US dollars will be spent on the LC. Also, more than 35 thousand Kazakhstani citizens work on the project, or 91% of the total number of people involved in the project. 15 thousand citizens have undergone various training.

At the same time, TCO is working to tackle COVID-19, as well as provide assistance to the local community. For example, about $ 215 million was spent on the safety of jobs, $ 87 million on the purchase of medical equipment and demobilization, $ 14 million was spent on the medical center in Kulsary and $8 million on the fight against COVID-19. Thus, TCO has made a huge contribution.

At the same time, Petrocouncil raised the issue of involving Kazakhstani subcontractors in the FGP commissioning project.

Thus, Petrocouncil raised the issue of openness of information, involving potential Kazakhstani subcontractors in the NovusBolashak and Kentech projects, as well as that TCO should be directly involved in increasing the development of LC in the commissioning project.

‘It is necessary that the openness should be higher in commissioning project. This will improve the local content in O&G in such a difficult time for business, “Assylbek Jakiyev said.

Earlier, with the initiative of Petrocouncil and with the support of the Deputy Director of the FGP project Yerbol Zhumagaziyev, as well as the Department of Local Content, a meeting was held with NovusBolashak on the project status. A meeting with Kentech will be also held next week.