Aktobe industrial zone started to produce big bags

In Aktobe region, the FIBS Kazakhstan company has opened a shop for production of big bags – flexible intermediate bulk containers, with a capacity of 500 to 2000 kg, as well as railcar liners for transportation of bulk cargo.

Big bags, or flexible intermediate bulk containers, are large durable bags with slings of various designs. They are used for packaging, transportation, storage and offloading of various types of materials, products and raw materials. Including such as cement, sand, various mixtures, fertilizers, granulated plastic, etc. Railcar liners are used for transportation of sulfur, fertilizers, grain, sand and other bulk cargo in open cars.

“Our company is only three years old. We started with two sewing machines and rented a room in the building of Aktyubrentgen. We successfully defended the project for the construction of Aktobe polymer factory and are planning to establish production of big bags, ranging from the manufacture of polypropylene fabric to finished products,” says Director of the plant, BotagozTaibukenova.

According to her, the company has been provided with two hectares of land in the industrial zone of Aktobe, which has engineering communications. As representatives of the company reported, the cost of the project, which is going to be implemented in four stages, is estimated at KZT 1 billion. At the first stage of construction, KZT 200 million have been implemented, cutting and sewing shop has been created. The second stage provides for the expansion of the production shop, the third – construction of shops for the extrusion of polypropylene and preparation of its own raw material base, and the fourth – purchase of equipment for the extrusion of polypropylene, as well as output of 1 million big bags per year.

“We began with marketing analysis and found out that there is a great demand for the products. There are many mining companies that need them. We focus on quality. The raw material is Russian; we import it from the Chelyabinsk region and Yaroslavl. As of today, we have signed a contract with Tengizchevroil for the supply of railcar liners,” said BotagozTaibukenova.

For the time being, the shop operates at 40% of its capacity, has 17 production machines, which can produce up to 30 thousand railcar liners per year and 300 thousand big bags. To date, 30 workplaces have been created.

Photo: facebook.com