Atyrau city ambulance service received personal protective equipment as a gift

No new COVID-19 infected people were identified in Tengiz over the past day. Due to the fact that all prescriptions and instructions of doctors were strictly complied with, algorithm of actions was arranged in accordance with international safety requirements Goods and services quality and safety monitoring department (sanitary-epidemiological service), Tengizchevroil LLP and Vaternas rotational village employees were able to promptly identify infected and contacted people and bring spreading of the virus under control.

Regardless of the fact that more than 50 people who contacted a COVID-19 infected woman remain under quarantine in Tengiz rotational village managers of Vaternas rotational village decided to give to doctors of “Atyrau city ambulance station” municipal state-owned enterprise hundreds of protective suits, breathing apparatus, masks, gloves and glasses. Also Vaternas has provided city dwellers, who are under quarantine in Bereke micro-district, with necessary amount of potable water, dishes and electric kettles.

“As early as in March we had already prepared supplies of necessary personal protective equipment, antiseptics, disposable tableware and therefore we are ready to give a part of it to ambulance doctors, who are restlessly working while running the risk daily”, – explained Asem Akhmetova – project manager, she also said: “Medical clinic is operating 24/7 on the company territory, necessary medical personnel are available. We have prepared quarantine blocks in advance for 200 persons for single placement, have installed artificial lung ventilation apparatus, mobile resuscitation unit, have installed disinfecting lamps, as well as we have prepared necessary supply of pathogen coats, antiseptics, disposable tableware and other necessary means of protection”.

In the meanwhile the work of identifying and containing the outbreak centers is going on in Tengiz. #bizbirgemiz