“Atyrau Energy Challenge” was launched in Atyrau

“Atyrau Energy Challenge” was launched in Atyrau; its purpose is digitization of oil and gas industry and increase of participation of kazakhstan companies in purchase of it services of oil and gas operators.

“Atyrau Energy Challenge” is a marathon of programmers, developers, web masters, which stimulates emerging and development of new ideas fostering facilitation of operational processes in oil and gas industry. The purposes of Atyrau Energy Challenge:

– finding and helping to implement the most high potential solutions for oil and gas industry of Kazakhstan;

– developing of local content and digital startup-ecosystem in Atyrau;

– attracting of scientific communities and startups from neighboring countries;

– attracting promising startups, accelerators and investors to oil and gas industry.

The first Atyrau Energy Challenge has been arranged by Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) jointly with Petrocouncil.kz (with participation of “Atameken” Republic of Kazakhstan National chamber of entrepreneurs and Kazenergy association), jointly with APEC PetroTechnic higher college with support from the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of digital development, innovations and aerospace industry, Atyrau region mayor administration and Astana Hub. The contest of programmers invites participants from the whole Kazakhstan to search for solutions of such challenges as:

  • ensuring compliance with safety and environment protection rules
  • facilitation of warehousing and material storage processes
  • reduction of paper documents circulation
  • solutions for industrial Internet of items

More detailed description of challenges announced by Tengizchevroil, NCOC, Norsec and Sitek Caspian companies as well as technical tasks and participation rules have been published at the website http://atyrauhub.kz/ru/index.php. The outcome of task solving will be finished products, which are operational to the maximum and launched in test mode. To participation in Atyrau Energy Challenge shall be admitted participants over the age of 16 with more than 3 months work experience in oil and gas industry. With the purpose of considering and selecting of submitted requests of participants the organizer has set up an expert council consisting of TCO, KMG, NCO and KPO employees as well as of involved industry experts from other companies.

The mission of Atyrau Energy Challenge is stimulating of scientific and innovation research, commercialization and scaling thereof as well as development of Kazakhstan content in oil and gas projects of the country. One of main objectives is creating of digital ecosystem for oil and gas industry. Arrangement of partnership cooperation between oil and gas companies, scientific community and startups.

In accordance with data of analytical report of the World economic forum the digital transformation can increase profitability of oil and gas industry by 1 trillion of US dollars. Oil and gas sector plays an important role in Kazakhstan economy, the share of oil and gas sector in gross domestic product of the country was about 17-19% in 2015-2017 years. The share of oil and gas sector in income of state budget was about 31-41% in 2015-2017 years. Under the conditions of current challenges the digitization of oil and gas industry can bring more profit to economy of the country.

In 2018 total volume of purchase of goods and services in oil and gas industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan achieved 6 trillions of KZT (16 billions of US dollars), which is by 30% more than in 2017. Whereas the market of information technologies makes 180 millions of US dollars. In order to replace purchase of foreign software and to develop Kazakhstan content it is necessary to develop new domestic products even now.

Exponential technologies such as artificial intellect, robotics, 3D printers, electric vehicles have already democratized the production. For example, the Internet of items increases from 10 billions of connected devices in 2010 to forecast 70 billions devices in 2020. While large organizations try to keep up with the times startups outperform their competitors using exponential technologies; they invent the market in a new fashion again and again. Under the conditions of rapidly changing technologies oil and gas companies are constantly searching for new competitive solutions.

In Atyrau there was not a single accelerator until today: talented developers and programmers could not apply their knowledge and develop them therefore they were leaving for Almaty and Astana. Understanding the importance of the challenge and the need for quick solution the domestic IT companies of the region such as Norsec, Sitek Caspian and Ayacom supported Atyrau Energy Challenge and acted as sponsors of the event making thereby their contribution into development of Kazakhstan content in oil and gas projects of the country.

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