Atyrau youth received an opportunity of growing globally by studying non-destructive testing free of charge

A subdivision of Singapore company — Rutledge-Arise Global, which provides wide range specialized inspection services in non-destructive testing, has opened the first training center in Kazakhstan, where it plans to teach local youth.

After study the attendees will receive job in Rutledge company and will be able to work also in subdivisions of the company all over the world. Since 2015 the company department for non-destructive testing has completed more than 20 projects all over the world, currently it is working also with Tengizchevroil and NCOC as contractor. Yeskert Kyzmet Rutledge LLP is an official representative of Rutledge company in Kazakhstan and CIS countries. Having more than 10 years work experience on largest oil fields – Tengiz and Kashagan Yeskert Kyzmet Rutledge LLP is a stable company, which has worked more than 7 millions of man-hours without lost of productivity.

Protection from hydrogen sulphide on fields for exploration and drilling of oil wells, on platforms for construction and operation of petrochemical processing factories is what Rutledge has blameless reputation in. For many years Rutledge attempted to become a complex solution for all needs concerning protection from hydrogen sulphide and safety.

Non-destructive testing is monitoring of reliability of main operating properties and parameters of a facility or individual elements/units thereof, which do not require shutdown or dismantling of the facility.

Local youth will be trained in unique skills, which competence is not available in Kazakhstan at the moment.

• Common non-destructive testing (VT, MT, PT, UT, RT);
• Pulse eddy current (PEC);
• Long range ultrasonic testing (LRUT);
• Short range ultrasonic testing (SRUT);
• Acoustic testing of emissions (EEC);
• Pipe control (AE, ECT, IRIS);
• Magnetic flux leakage (MFL);
• AUT corrosion mapping (RMS);
• Phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT);
• Diffraction during flight (TOFD);
• Digital radiographic testing (DRT);

After study and receiving experience at largest fields in Kazakhstan the young people will be able to work in Rutledge company subdivisions all over the world.