Bozumbayev told how many foreigners employed at TCO, NCOC and KPO

Kanat Bozumbayev, the RoK Minister of Energy shared his opinion on foreign specialists attracting to Kazakhstan’s significant petroleum projects implementation.

«We should have a clear understanding that FEP(TCO Future Expansion Project  -Petrouncil) differs with its significant technological complexity, strict security requirements, great scope of work, involvement of huge labor resources, –  Kanat Bozumbayev said, while speaking at the meeting on petroleum machine – building development, held recently at Atyrau.

He noted that the project assessed as $36.8 billion includes the third generation plant construction, raw gas re-injection facility, gas-turbine power plant, sub-station to supply the entire TCO complex with electricity and 25 new wells drilling for the well- head pressure control.

 According to the Minister, over 360 companies work in the project currently. Approximately 53 thousand employees are involved in Kazakhstan, including 48 thousand local employees and 5 thousand foreigners, which 23 thousand are the contractors’ labor while 25 thousand are the sub-contractors’ workers.

«The Project differs with its technological complexity and application of the world cutting –edge technologies. There exists the need to attract foreign specialists, but at the same time the state quotas restrict it», – Kanat Bozumbayev shared.

 In the Minister’s opinion, the petroleum operators should analyze the employees’  wages at contractor and sub-contractor companies to avoid the differences in the  wages of the two, as there were the facts of significantly lower wages, paid to the sub-contractors’ employees than to the ones of the contractors.

 The head of the Ministry of Energy reported that current North Caspian Operating Company (NCOC) total staff is 3 220 persons, which 90% or 2 898 are the Kazakhstan’s nationals. NCOC sub-contractors employ 6 978 staff, which 6 518 or 92% are local employees.

Karachaganak Petroleum Operating (KPO) total employment is 3 994 persons, which 3 613 or 92% are Kazakhstan nationals. KPO sub-contractors employ 14 422 persons with the number of Kazakh staff achieving 88% or 12 754 persons.  

Tengizchevroil key facilities employ 4 890 workers including 88% Kazakhstan nationals.

As mentioned above, currently Future Expansion Project employs 48 thousand Kazakhstan nationals. Since the Project launch 120 foreign staff were substituted with local employees as a result of training and qualification enhancement.

«So, the content of the operators’ foreign workers is 10%, which is low, if compared to the global experience», – Kanat Bozumbayev noted.