Does KMG need to buy another refinery in Europe?

KazMunayGas (KMG) was named among other companies to acquire a stake in the largest oil refinery in Germany. This year, the Kazakh national company started to export oil to the PCK Raffinerie... Read more »

Why Sinopec agreed to build a polyethylene plant in Kazakhstan

The China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Sinopec will build a polyethylene production plant with a capacity of 1.25 million tons per year in the Atyrau region in West Kazakhstan. Construction will begin... Read more »

How much have Kazakhstan’s oil revenues decreased?

The decline in oil prices led to a reduction in Kazakhstan’s income. Tax payments to the National Fund fell by almost 30%. The state budget was fulfilled by 97% including due to... Read more »

Will Kazakhstan become regional leader in gas production? And what is the role of QazaqGaz?

Kazakhstan can and will become a regional leader in the gas industry. A gas boom is expected in the country according to the chairman of the national company QazaqGaz Sanzhar Zharkeshov. Kazakhstan... Read more »

How is Kazakhstan developing renewable energy sources?

The state audit revealed that one of the branches of the Samruk-Kazyna fund had embezzled 15.4 billion Kazakh tenge allocated for the construction of a wind power plant (WPP). We are talking... Read more »

What damage does the fire accident at the Karaturun Yuzhny  oilfield cause to the environment and who will compensate for it?

Members of Parliament call on the government to terminate the contract with Buzachi Neft and return the field to the state. In the Mangistau region emergency well No. 303 at the Karaturun... Read more »

How much oil does Kazakhstan produce and who are the main buyers?

The Ministry of Energy reported a decrease in oil production in the country. The reasons are emergency power outages and scheduled maintenance work at the fields. However, this reduction in production could... Read more »

Export of Kazakh oil is under threat again?

How will the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine in the Black Sea affect the export of Kazakh oil? The Ministries of Defense of Russia and Ukraine exchanged threats to consider ships... Read more »

How much KMG spent on refineries in Romania and when they will generate profits?

The acquisition of Romanian oil refineries by the KazMunayGas in 2007 was presented to the public as promoting Kazakhstan’s oil interests outside the country. Definetely, owning processing facilities in Europe (where Kazakh... Read more »

What happened at Kashagan and who is responsible?

The hopes of the government and shareholders of the North Caspian project to start a full-scale development of Kashagan could  be postponed for a long time.  It may be required to fully... Read more »

Is Baku ready to accept Kazakh oil?

Kazakhstan will have to find alternative oil export routes even if the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) system runs smoothly as the republic plans to increase hydrocarbon production. “If today we are planning... Read more »

What will happen to the gas processing plant at Kashagan?

The changes that took place earlier this year in the country’s O&G industry may affect the implementation of major projects in Kazakhstan. In particular, the question arises whether the construction of a... Read more »

Analytical data on TCO

We continue providing analytical data on TCO in the field of local content. Here you can see interesting figures on the number of Kazakhstani specialists in the base business and FGP project.... Read more »

Analytical data on the local content at the Future Growth Project (FGP)

We are sharing with you analytical data on the local content at the Future Growth Project (FGP), Tengizchevroil. According to the information, it was planned to train 5,000 qualified specialists at the... Read more »

GWS purchases from TCO

Since 2017, TCO has purchased GWS in the amount of about 13.7 trillion tenge. Of these, 4.7 trillion tenge, or 34%, fell on local content. Moreover, of this amount, 2% was spent on... Read more »

GWS purchases from KPO

In the first half of this year GWS purchases from KPO amounted to almost 221 billion tenge, with 40% of them for works, 34% – for services, and 26% –  for goods.... Read more »