Dunga field operator, Total E & P Dunga GmbH, has published its procurement plan

For the first time, the oil and gas operator – the international company Total E & P Dunga GmbH – officially publishes the list of goods, works and services that it plans to procure in the near future. Thus, the company promotes transparencyand increase in the level of local content in procured goods, works and services.

The list of goods, works and services is published on the website of NCE Atameken (atameken.kz) and Strategic Partnership Development Council established under the auspices of NCE Atameken and KazEnergy Association (petrocouncil.kz). It should be noted that the list is informative and doesn’t guarantee the actual conduct of any of the tenders.

Initiator of publication of the procurement plan on such sites as atameken.kz and petrocouncil.kz – PSA LLP,which is authorized to represent the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, being a Kazakhstani party under the Production Sharing Agreements/Contracts signed in the Republic of Kazakhstan, makes a significant contribution to the development of Kazakhstani content in oil and gas projects of the country.

The field was put into test operation in 2000. In the period from 2004 to 2006, the field was developed within the framework of the Experimental Program with drilling of horizontal and vertical wells. From 2007 to the present day, the Dunga field is at the stage of full-scale development.

In the last few years due to the experience of Total specialists, there was some progress in production area allowing using most effectively new and existing wells.

Dunga is one of the few international projects where the level of Kazakhstani content is quite high. The Strategic Partnership Development Council, Petrocouncil, thanks PSA LLP and Total E & P Dunga GmbH for the active support of Kazakhstani entrepreneurs and expresses the hope that other oil and gas operators, as well as their general contractors will follow the example of Total E & P Dunga GmbH and will publish procurement plans online, so that Kazakhstani entrepreneurs can plan their activities and offer goods, works and services to intercontinental operators.


Oil and Gas Strategic Partnership Development Council established under the auspices of KazEnergy Association and NCE Atameken. Thanks to the Council, 1100 Kazakhstani entrepreneurs and oil industry specialists have got a platform for networking. 12 conferences and roundtables have been organized, 16 companies have received active assistance and support.