Jet fuel production in Kazakhstan increased almost twice

Thanks to completion of upgrade of petroleum refining factories in 2018 the capacity and depth of refining increased in the field of petroleum products production

Thus the volume of jet fuel production increased to 694 thousands of tons or by 1.8 times compared with production in 2018. The consumed share of imported kerosene-type jet fuel will reduced from 60% in 2018 to 4% in 2019.

“The volume of jet fuel production allows to fully cover the demand of domestic market through domestic petroleum refining factories. If necessary it is possible to increase the production output to 850 thousands of tons per year. Due to this the Ministry of energy observes stable situation on jet fuel market and lack of deficite”, – said the Minister of energy – Kanat Bozumbayev – at the government session.

According to him the wholesale prices for kerosene-type jet fuel at Kazakhstan petroleum refining factories are from 578 to 621 US dollars for 1 ton. Whereas the price for imported jet fuel is from 672 to 700 US dollars for 1 ton.

Kanat Bozumbayev stated that prices to jet fuel at the domestic market of Kazakhstan are adequate to prices for kerosene of Russian production and reflect market reality.

As a whole the petroleum refining output at three petroleum refining factories of Kazakhstan from January to September 2019 is equal to 12,7 millions of tons, which is by 5% more in comparison with figures of the last year. As per data of the Ministry of energy production of petroleum products increased in comparison with the last year data: gasoline – by 15%, diesel fuel – by 10%, jet fuel – by more than 1,8 times.

Growth of petroleum products output impacted the domestic retail market, where price cutting was observed since the beginning of the year. Since July of the current year the export outside of Eurasian Economic Union was opened. Around 32,6 thousands of tons of jet gasoline have been exported by now. Meanwhile 67 millions tons of oil have been produced in the republic over 9 months of the current year, which is by 1,7% more than planned output.

40,6 millions tons of oil have been produced at three largest oil fields. In particular, 10,1 millions tons of oil have been produced in Kashagan, 22 millions tons – in Tengiz, 8,5 millions tons in Karachaganak.

Major repairs on Kashagan and Tengiz fields scheduled in the current year have been successfully undertaken. Major repair on Karachaganak started on the 15th of September at basic production facilities.

“Production have been completely suspended, major repair will continue till the 13th of October. Major repair is carried out at CTU (condensate treatment unit) refining complex, gas re-injection compressors, gas treatment unit”, – they said in the government agency.

Totally the oil production output for the current year is planned to be 89 millions of tons.