Kazakhstani oilfield services companies went to OTC-2019

The world’s largest exhibition and conference OTC-2019 being held for the 50th time this year, started in the United States, in the city of Houston. The delegation of Kazakhstan consisting of 15 local oilfield services companies went to the United States in pursuit of ultra-new IT solutions and partners. The trip was organized by Strategic Partnership Development Council (Petrocouncil), established under the auspices of KazEnergy Association and NCE Atameken, together with the U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan to implement a plan for local content development in oil and gas projects of the country. Thanks to the established cooperation at the exhibition-conference OTC2019, the Kazakhstani side will provide technology transfer and exchange of professional skills, which is currently necessary for local companies.

More than 60,000 engineers, technicians, directors, operators and managers from more than 100 countries take part in the exhibition-conference. This year, in addition to traditional wellknown companies, more than 60 innovative start-ups were presented at the event, half of which originated not in the US, but in other countries of the world. They met with 40 investment companies and corporate innovation departments. Among those interested in startups were Anadarko, Chevron and BP and major service providers, including Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, NOV, etc.

The delegation of Kazakhstan will not be limited to visiting the exhibition-conference. Directors of Kazakhstani companies will hold meetings with Chevron, Tiger Offshore Company, as well as with Association of Oil & Gas Equipment Producers, where they will discuss the possibilities of collaboration, the purpose of which is the localization of production and the development of Kazakhstan’s business. Petrocouncil has already held a meeting with the managers of Bechtel, where the representative of the international Joe Chazal corporation said that the company is waiting for Kazakhstani companies in other oil and gas world projects, where Bechtel is represented.

After Houston, the delegation will head to New York to explore the possibilities of venture capital financing for oilfield services projects and will also meet with world renowned IT manager and specialist in venture capital financing – Thomas Cellucci.

“We constantly hear from major operators that they need Kazakhstani companies providing IT solutions that can facilitate traditional processes. This trip is designed to show Kazahstani businessmen the direction in which they should go and how the infrastructure will change in the next few years,” said Assylbek Dzhakiyev, official representative of NCE RK Atameken on cooperation with oil and gas operators (TCO, NCOC, KPO) and development of oilfield services of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Atameken.

It is worth reminding that Strategic Partnership Development Council, bringing together the efforts of KazEnergy Association and NCE Atameken in the development of Kazakhstani companies and in their greater representation in oil and gas projects of the country, aims to support local business. Thanks to the active consolidated work between these organizations and major oil and gas operators, such as TCO, NCOC, KPO and KMG, Kazakhstani businessmen will have access to the necessary information, educational and developmental training and other support measures initiated by different parties.