Petrocouncil congratulates Eimer Bonner on the first place in the ranking

Petrocouncil congratulated TCO General Director Eimear Bonner on the #1 ranking in TOP-50 women leaders in O&G industry of Kazakhstan 2020.

The first Rating in Kazakh history was published September 19th this year. The selection committee evaluated nominees according to 4 criteria: experience, brand awareness, social activity and contribution to the industry. The rating was evaluated by 15 well-known industry experts working in O&G industry. They unanimously decided to award first place to Eimear Bonner.

The name Eimear Bonner did not appear at the top of the rating by chance. For the first time, a woman chaired the largest company in Kazakhstan. Moreover, this happened during a difficult period of the pandemic, when she had to make difficult decisions so that the company could work successfully even in such hard conditions. During this time, she has made a great contribution to gender development in the company, as well as to increasing local content. Taking all these factors into account, Petrocouncil congratulated her on this award.

During the meeting, Eimear Bonner said that she would continue to make every effort for the productive development of Tengizchevroil.
“We plan to further develop the Kazakh content, as well as to support gender equality in the company,” said Eimear Bonner.

The Chairman of Petrocouncil Assylbek Jakiyev noted that TCO is a strategic partner of Petrocouncil and further joint cooperation promises to be even more fruitful. “We have such good relations now that many issues on the local content development are being quickly implemented,” Asylbek Jakiyev noted. Taking into account TOP-50 women in O&G, the largest number of nominees is represented by TCO.

In addition, TCO representatives were nominated in the rating: HRM General Manager Kamshat Baizhanova, TFM Superintendent Svetlana Utebayeva, SCM Category Manager Galiya Ashinova and Media Relations Advisor Raushan Nayzabayeva.

We sincerely congratulate Eimear Bonner and all her colleagues on the important award and wish them success in their work!