Residents of Zhylyoi district got new jobs in a new man camp launched by local businesses near the Tengiz field

Overall, more than 500 locals were placed in jobs over the entire period of the man camp construction. A new Tengiz-based mancamp for 1,500 people was built and launched by Aspar Kashagan, a company that is 100% domestic. The man camp will host employees of Tengizchevroil LLP and TCO’s contractors as well as those involved in the Future Growth Project (FGP).

In total, over the years of independence, several hundred man camps have been built in Kazakhstan. The most high-grade man camps belong to projects operated by world oil companies – the North Caspian project (Kashagan) and Tengiz. The most comfortable living settings are furnished in order to motivate contractors’ staff. For example, WATERNAS camp’s single and double rooms are fitted out with recreation areas, play areas, mini-soccer fields, cafes, shops, bank branches, and even a high-class gym equipped with a full line of fitness machines.

It is hospitality that is emphasized by Aspar Kashagan as strength. The company does not only provide customers with comfortable accommodation and good food, but also creates social environment in the man camp by attracting event planners. In addition, the company allocates significant funds for staff training and development. The best employees are awarded with valuable gifts, cash bonuses and local package tours.

Assem Akhmetova, Project Manager for Aspar Kashagan, says: “Sixty percent of NCOC’s catering projects are delivered by local companies, half of which is done by us. Please note that catering is the area that could become local as much as possible. But historically, it has been mainly foreign companies or joint ventures that delivered catering and managed facilities at NCOC and Tengizchevroil. This is why our project is an important contribution to the development of local content”.

The man camp was successfully built and launched thanks to people, the company believes. The demand for qualified personnel exceeds supply in the western region of Kazakhstan, so it is difficult to recruit staff in accordance with the company requirements, but Aspar Kashagan has qualified senior and middle technical staff, which makes it possible to train staff.

Having realized this ambitious project, Aspar Kashagan is planning to enter the international market and provide catering services for other oil and gas projects of the world.

For reference

Aspar Kashagan offers integrated solutions for building management and catering. The company has considerable experience in warehouse management, transportation, cleaning and maintenance of facilities, catering, medical care, security management and construction.

The company takes pride in having reached 700,000 man-hours without a single accident and continues to maintain high HSE standards. Aspar Kashagan is the official partner of Atyrau Marathon to be held for the 3rd time this year. Along with Tengizchevroil and NCOC, Aspar Kashagan is dedicated to environmental aspects in its business as well as to maintaining a healthy spirit in the team and the world around it.