Safety champions finished works 1 month ahead of schedule

100% Kazakhstan company Teslatan proved through its actions that
domestic specialists work qualitatively and quickly. The company
finished operations related to laying of 110 kV high voltage cables at
3GP project 1 month ahead of schedule and received the highest award
of FGP project for development of incident and injury free program.

On the 1st of November representatives of TCO FGP and its contractor –
CCEP company – called together whole staff of Teslatan in order to
award excellent employees with appreciation letters and medals for
quality and safe work. Thus customers marked interim successful result
and expressed hope for further work in the same tempo and with the
same level of quality and safety. As a sign of gratitude each of 400
Teslatan employees received also an individual valuable gift.

We remind that Future Growth Project and Wellhead pressure management
project (FGP-WPMP) are the following stage of expansion of Tengiz
field production capacities. Looking to successful implementation of
preceding TCO project related to expansion of production capacities
the FGP aims at increase of production approximately by 12 millions of
tons per year or 260 thousands of barrels per day, which will make 39
millions of tons per year or 850 thousands of barrels per day.
Currently there is ongoing work related to construction of combined
production management center (CPMC). The CPMC will become the main
center of operations management of the whole Tengiz field. The
operations related to installation of mechanical / electrical
equipment and instruments are continued at 3GP. Installation of
pre-assembled racks is carried out at 3rd Generation sour gas
injection plant.