TCO published a procurement plan for 2021

Following the results of the last meeting with TCO General Director Eimear Bonner at the session of the regional parliament (maslikhat) of Atyrau region, Petrocouncil raised the issue of publishing a detailed procurement plan.

As a result, there was an agreement with General Director Eimear Bonner, with the support of the first deputy governor of the region Serik Aidarbekov, as well as regional parliament that TCO would publish a procurement plan for 2021.

According to the plan, due to COVID-19, many contracts have been extended with current contractors in order to minimize costs and human resources for organizing tenders.

Also, many contracts are implemented under the MSA (master service agreement) Base business. The plan did not include the remaining FGP contracts, where TCO prioritizes completion.

As a reminder, at the beginning of the year, Petrocouncil negotiated with TCO to publish a procurement plan, where in January the first procurement plan was published by TCO without specifying the budget. After that, Petrocouncil negotiated with TCO to publish a procurement plan using the example of procurement plans for KPO, NCOC and TotalDunga.

We would like to thank the TCO management and the Kazakhstani Content Department for their support and openness to Kazakhstani business.