TOP-50 women leaders in O&G industry of Kazakhstan

We are honored to present a rating of women leaders who are the most active and successful in Kazakh O&G industry. We have been thoroughly working on analyzing all data to create TOP-50 women leaders in O&G industry of Kazakhstan for the last month.

The commission evaluated 4 criteria: experience in the industry, social activities, contribution to the industry (local content development, human capital, etc.) and recognition. The rating was created by 15 well-known industry experts who work in various O&G companies.

This rating includes women working in different companies and organizations in Kazakhstan, occupying leadership positions in various fields.  We have created such rating for the first time and we plan to publish annually. According to KazEnergy association in 2017 only 17% of employees in O&G industry were women.  

The publication of the rating is the first step in stimulating the participation of women in O&G industry.  We hope that the proportion of women will become even higher in near future.