«Zhana serpin» will allow young people of Mangystau region to work at Tengiz

A training center has been launched in Atyrau as part of the APEC PetroTechnic Higher College under the Zhana Serpin program. 30 welders and pipe fitters will learn a new profession according to the international standards.

For the first time, the state program is implemented at the expense of private funds of KCOI – a domestic oilfield service company. 40 residents of Mangystau Region and the city of Zhanaozen have been trained and employed in the Atyrau Region since the beginning of the state program for resettlement and employment of unemployed youth in economically favourable regions. The domestic oilfield service company deliberately refuses state support and teaches students on its own, pays for scholarship, provides food and accommodation, thus manifesting social responsibility.

The Zhana Serpin program provides for training and subsequent resettlement and employment of young people in economically favourable regions. KCOI plans to employ those young people as soon as they graduate. Also, the company is considering the possibility of expanding the training program for unemployed youth.

“Our company is proud of the level of training of our specialists, the most highly qualified welders that hold international certificates and diplomas work with us. We value them, but we understand how important it is to raise a new generation of professionals. Therefore, as part of the Zhana Serpin program, we don’t just invest in the training of young people, but ensure transfer of unique knowledge. We want the Kazakh welders to reach such a level that they can be given a 15-year warranty on their welds, rather than bringing labour force from abroad”, said Luca De Martini, HR Manager at KCOI.

APEC PetroTechnic Higher College has already trained a group of welders under the Zhana Serpin program in 2018. Back then, 40 people have been trained and employed at the expense of the budget funds. Head of the State – Kassym-Jomart Tokayev – visited the APEC PetroTechnic in May of 2019 and underlined the importance of engagement and interaction between educational Institutions and production facilities.  It is that type of collaboration that will provide the unemployed youth with the knowledge demanded in production.

Photo: kasipkor.kz