Analytical data on the local content at the Future Growth Project (FGP)

We are sharing with you analytical data on the local content at the Future Growth Project (FGP), Tengizchevroil. According to the information, it was planned to train 5,000 qualified specialists at the FGP in 2020 but the figure turned out to be higher – 15,405 specialists were trained. In 2020, it was planned to build 40,000 tons of modules, and as a result, 62,000 tons were manufactured (exceeding expectations by 41%).

Since the beginning of the project, the Kazakh content indicator has reached 33% (expected 36%). From 2014 to 2019, 6 forums were held with the participation of TCO FGP contractors and suppliers.

It was planned to create 20,000 jobs for locals but there were more – 35,031 jobs. The infographics also provide data on the total annual expenditures for Kazakh content from 2013 to 2024. The infographic shows plans for LC, forecasts, and actual indicators.

Out of the 38,326 manpower involved at the FGP, 35026 are locals; 2,351 Kazakhstani companies were prequalified 1,281 companies passed the preliminary qualification assessment.

Also here you can find the data on the total FGP budget and the forecast for LC.

Prepared by Asel Aimusheva, MBA.