What we do

The Oil and Gas Industry Strategic Partnerships Development Council Council is a consultative and advisory cooperation of legal entities that coordinates all unions, councils and other alliances affiliated with The National Chamber of entrepreneurs “Atameken”, KazEnergy, The Ministry of Energy, of Investment and Development, PSA and other organizations. The Council aims to increase the efficiency of consolidated work and eliminate duplicative efforts and tasks.


We synchronize all activities of oil and gas and oilfield service enterprises, educational institutions, government agencies, NCE Atameken and KazEnergy to protect the rights and interests of oil and gas companies, to establish effective interstate and intersectoral cooperation.

Networking space 

We improve relationships between all market stakeholders through constant, open dialogue within a business and informal meetings (business lunches, branches, etc.) with market leaders, national companies, ministries, etc. 

Development and support

We create long-term partnerships, consortia, collaborations of reliable contractors and subcontractors from the NCE Atameken database (1 million business entities) throughout all regions of Kazakhstan. We help to get ready for projects KEP-1 KPO, NERP TCO, Khazar, Kalamkas-Sea NCOC, through organizing and conducting small and large meetings, working groups to address specified issues in any direction of the oil and gas industry. We aim to become a link between different business areas for the various support. 

Communication and Information

We establish effective communications on integrated issues for all stakeholders. We offer analytical, informational, consulting and other support of Council members, including access to information resources of NCE Atameken and KazEnergy. We promote and transmite to audience the achievements of companies, as well as the Council’s activities in regional and republican media;


Consolidation of efforts in human resource development, including the organization of training seminars with the participation of world speakers. Clarification of changes in the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other regulatory documents. Answers to questions about the relationship of subsoil users, oilfield services companies, as well as government agencies. 

Public appreciation

The Council, as an independent consulting and advisory body, will undertake the task of identifying and recognizing prominent figures in the industry and promote them to receive the state and industry awards. Council will also encourage members to be a part of the international industry society and nominate them for the international awards. Our mission is to unite efforts and support innitiatives to ensure the fair and successful development of the oil and gas market. The voice of each member is heard in the Councilg