Any project’s success depends on the professionalism, experience and daily work of the whole team and each employee individually. In recognition and encouragement of high professionalism, labour and professional merits in the development of oil and gas and energy complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kazenergy Association awards medals to Rama Kantamneni – Major Capital Project Manager of TCO LLP, Jorge Calvo – Senior Project Manager for Construction of TCO’s FGP, Marcel van Berkel – Contracting and Procurement Manager of NCOC, Bakytzhan Doskaziyev – Local Content Development Manager of KPO, Matt McKenna – Operations Director of Kentech Kazakhstan Technical Services, Edward Gore – General Director of Senimdi Kurylys LLP, Serkhat PuturGeli – Project Director of GATE Kazakhstan, Tulegen Balgimbayev – Сhairman of the Supervisory Board.

Rama Kantamneni – Major Capital Project Manager of TCO. He received a bachelor degree in “Civil engineering” from Osman University (India), a master degree in “Project management” from the National Institute of Construction Management and Research (India). Earlier Rama has already been engaged in project management at TCO, and also at Chevron company (USA). Before moving to Kazakhstan, Rama held the positions related to major capital projects at California Power Company, at transnational companies dealing with the design, procurement and construction in the countries such as the USA, the UK, Saudi Arabia and India. Now he lives in Atyrau and takes an active part in public events.

Hisham Kawash, Regional Managing Director of CCC company; Olzhas Lukmanov, Domestic Market Development Coordinator of TCO; Alan Wilson, Local Content Manager of TCO’s FGP project; Douglas Todman, Category Manager for production procurement of TCO; Shaun Doherty, Local Content Advisor of TCO’s Supply Chain Management; Nurlybek Kalybayev, Infrastructure Group Supervisor of TCO; Victor Miroshnichenko, Lead Quality Control Engineer of TCO were awarded with Certificates of Merit from Atameken NCE for the contribution to the development of local content and entrepreneurship in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Olzhas Lukmanov – Domestic Market Development Coordinator. He was born in Atyrau on December 16, 1987. Graduated from Kazakh-American Free University (KAFU) with qualification in Management. In 2005-2010 – Local Content Development Analyst in TCO’s Kazakhstani Content Development Project. From 2010 – Analyst in Kazakhstani content development (KCD) (Supply Chain Management Department, KCD group). In 2013, he became the Lead Analyst for local content development in the department of the Deputy General Director of TCO. From 2016 – Domestic Market Development Coordinator in the department of the Deputy General Director of TCO. Shaun Doherty is the Local Content Advisor of Tengizchevroil company located in Atyrau. Together with the team of Kazakhstani Content Development Department of Supply Chain Management Office, he works with the production group and helps the company to identify, develop and attract Kazakhstan’s suppliers and contractors. Prior to TCO, Shaun worked as the Local Content Development Advisor at Chevron, and prior to Chevron, he was engaged in the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the United States, Angola and Uzbekistan.

Viktor Miroshnichenko, Lead Quality Control Auditor, Non-Destructive Testing Specialist, Welding Production Specialist, ISO 9001 Quality Systems Auditor. Born in 1976 in Taraz (Dzhambul). Married, has three children. He graduated from International Economic Relations department of Zhambyl Institute of Technology, Construction department of Taraz State University and Transport, transport equipment and technology of Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas. He started his professional career in 1998 as a laboratory technician, worked as a foreman, and from 2004 – as the Head of the Technical Control Department at ZhMSP (Zhambyl Metal Structures Plant) of Imstalcon JSC. In 2008, he was appointed the Head of the Technical Supervision Group for the reconstruction of a section of the CPC oil pipeline (Caspian Pipeline Consortium) from 0 to 130 km. In 2010, he became the Chief Engineer at the Atyrau branch of Starstroy LLC, the general contractor of CPC for Technical Maintenance. From 2014, he held the position of the Lead Quality Assurance/Quality Control Specialist, Level III Welding and Non-Destructive Testing Specialist at TCO’s Department of Equipment Reliability, Design and Construction of Production Facilities. From 2016 – Lead Quality Control Auditor.

Certificates of merit for the long-term and diligent work, great personal contribution to the development of the country’s oil, gas and energy industries were awarded to: Andrew Mayo – TCO Drilling Manager; Kanat Yermagambetov – Local Content Specialist of TCO’s Contracting and Strategic Procurement Department; Marat Dauletyarov – Domestic Market Development Advisor of TCO; Nurlybek Kurakov – Contract Specialist, Supply Chain Management Office, Contracting and Strategic Procurement Department of TCO; Eleonora Kim – Head of Cooperation and Local Content Development of NCOC; Nurbolat Tulemissov – Head of Local Content Planning and Implementation of NCOC; Giuseppe Rodelli – Branch Manager of SICIM SpA; Talgat Imangaliev  -of RENAISSANCE HEAVY INDUSTRIES.

Andrew Mayo was appointed Drilling and Completing Manager of Tengizchevroil (TCO) in April 2017. Andrew Mayo has the BA degree in Oil Engineering from Louisiana State University, 1981. He held various positions as part of drilling and refinement with missions in the Gulf of Mexico, Houston, Perm, ETC, London, Nigeria, Aberdeen. Prior to his current position, Andrew Mayo was D & C Manager at Chevron Upstream Europe in Aberdeen, Scotland. Previous experience at well drilling and completing centers in deepwater, underwater, harsh environmental conditions, he completed trainings on well control, production technology and support of MCP project.

Nurlybek Kurakov is Contract Specialist of Supply Chain Management Office of Contracting and Strategic Procurement Department. He was born on September 6, 1987 in Zhanibek district of West Kazakhstan region. Has 2 university degrees in: “Oil and gas technics and technology” and “Foreign languages”; by the results of distance vocational training in the field of logistics and supplies he was certified by Arizona State University. He is married and has two children. He has experience in the field of international relations at the university, construction of a gas cleaning line at Kazakhstan Petroleum Operating B.V., Aksai. During the last 9 years, he has been working in different departments of Supply Chain Management Office at Tengizchevroil LLP, such as Production Procurements, Contracts and Kazakhstani Content Development. From 2014 to 2017, he held senior position in planning, analyzing and developing the capabilities of Kazakhstan’s suppliers in the Kazakhstani Content Development Department.