TOP 20 Women-Leaders in the Oil and Gas Industry of Kazakhstan 2024

📌 On the eve of International Women’s Day on March 8, PetroCouncil presents the 4th annual Review of the ‘TOP 20 WOMEN-LEADERS in the Kazakh oil and gas industry’ 2024.

This year, the Review included representatives of O&G operators as well as technical (production) and the corporate sector professionals who have been contributing to the development of the oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan.

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Diana Arysova, Deputy Chairman of the Board of KMG for Economics and Finance

Diana graduated from the Kazakh State Academy of Management with honors with a degree in International Monetary and Financial Relations and she has an MBA degree from Yokohama National University (Japan) and a diploma from London Business School (UK) with a degree in Corporate Finance.

She began her professional career in 1999 as a leading economist in the Department of Currency Regulation and Control of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Over the years, she worked as an assistant on banking issues at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and as a coordinator of energy projects at the British Embassy in Kazakhstan. In the period 2007–2012, she held various positions in the MNC KazMunayTeniz JSC, such as deputy director, director of the corporate finance department, acting Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance. From 2012 to 2016, she worked as Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance, Financial Director of KMG Drilling&Services. In 2016–2023, she worked as director of the audit department of oil and gas operations accounts of PSA LLP. In April 2023, she was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Board of KMG.

– Yekaterina Beketova, Operations Support Controleer, KPO

Yekaterina is responsible for budget preparation, presentation and cost control of all production and maintenance departments at the Karachaganak field as well as the overall execution of field contracts.

She has worked for KPO for over 17 years where she started as an engineer. Over the years, she worked as a supervisor, business services manager and head of the contracts department. Currently, she is responsible for operational management budgets, cost control as well as for providing specialized transport and logistics support for production at Karachaganak.

– Svetlana Tolepbergenova, Tax Controller, TCO

Svetlana graduated from the Almaty Pedagogical Institute in 1992 and got short-term training at the University of California in business administration. She began her career at TCO in 1994 in the Finance Department. From 1994 to until now, she has been working at TCO, working as an accountant, leading accountant and supervisor of the sales and transportation group. She also worked as a senior financial analyst, drilling support team supervisor, tax manager, tax advisor on a FGP project in the UK. Currently, she holds the position of controller/tax manager.

– Kulyash Rakhatova, Director of the Geology and Exploration Department of Mangistaumunaigas JSC

Kulyash graduated from the Faculty of Geology of the Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas named after I.M. Gubkin, majoring in Geology and exploration of oil and gas fields. She began her career in 1980 as an operator. For many years she worked in the KMG in the areas of exploration and geology.

Ulzhalgas Narymbetova, Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance of Intergas Central Asia JSC

Over the years, Ulzhalgas worked as an accountant at the Main Directorate of the Oil and Gas Industry JSC as a manager, general manager, director of the economics and budget planning department of Intergas Central Asia JSC, managing director of Intergas Central Asia JSC, director of the budget planning department of Intergas Central Asia LLP. KazTranGas Onimderi, Advisor to the General Director for Financial Issues of Beineu-Shymkent Gas Pipeline LLP, Financial Director of Biograin LLP, Financial Director of Dostyk Gas Processing LLP. Since April 2022 she is Deputy General Director of Intergas Central Asia JSC.

– Marina Trinsa Vespan, Country Chair for Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, Schlumberger

Marina Trinsa Marina received an MBA from the UK Open University in 2005 and a degree in economics from the Academy of Economics in Bucharest (Romania) in 1997. She has over twenty years of experience in technical, administrative and management positions in the oil and gas industry. She has held numerous professional positions in various leadership positions at Schlumberger, covering Europe, Africa, and North America. Prior to this role, she was Vice President of Digital for the Western Hemisphere and led significant digital transformation projects across the region and was actively involved in implementing programs that will develop the digital capabilities of her various teams.

Ainur Serikbaev, Deputy Director of the HR Department at Dunga Operating

Ainur graduated from Mangistau Polytechnic College, Aktau State University as well as the Caspian State University of Engineering and Technology. Sh.E. Yesenova

She began her career as a translator at Karazhanbasmunai JSC and also worked at Halliburton as a training instructor, McDermott Kazakhstan as a personnel management administrator, N Operating LLP. She has been working for Dunga Operating since 2014.

– Irina Kulaeva, Director of Legal Affairs, PetroKazakhstan

Irina graduated from the University of London with a master’s degree in commercial and corporate law. She began her career at Kazakhtelecom JSC. She has been working in the PetroKazakhstan for more than 20 years in the legal field.

Gulnara Orazalieva, Head of the Geology Department of Ozenmunaigas JSC

Gulnara began her career in 1992 as a well flow rate surveyor at the Central Research Institute. Over the years, she worked as a central gas station operator, a geological engineer, a leading geologist at a central gas station and an engineer in the geology and exploration department of the AUP. Since 2019, she has been the head of the geology department.

Zhuldyz Arykbaeva, senior geologist of the Department of Geology and Exploration of Embamunaigas JSC

Zhuldyz graduated from KBTU in 2008 with a degree in Geology and Mineral Exploration and in 2011 she received a master’s degree from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland (MSc Reservoir Evaluation and Management). She has experience as a geologist in leading oil and gas companies such as PetroKazakhstan Overseas Services Inc., Schlumberger and Embamunaigas.

In 2023, Zhuldyz began studying at the MBA program “Women’s Leadership in the Energy Industry” at the Atyrau Oil and Gas University, demonstrating her commitment to developing female leadership in the oil and gas industry and expanding her professional horizons.

– Olga Saenko, Director of the Laboratory Research Department of the Branch of KMG Engineering KazNIPImunaigas LLP

Olga graduated from the Moscow Institute of Petrochemical and Gas Industry named after M. Gubkin. She began her career at KazNIPIneft in 1985 as an engineer at the Zhetybai field development laboratory. Over the years, she worked at KazNIPImunaigas as head of the oil treatment technology laboratory, senior specialist, researcher, head of the collection, preparation and transportation of oil and gas, director of the production department, deputy general director for science.

– Inga Kanalieva, Head of Business Development for Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan Halliburton

Inga graduated with honors from the Atyrau Oil and Gas University with a degree in Chemical Technology of Organic Substances and a degree in Industrial and Civil Construction as well as the Bauman Moscow Technical University with a degree in Project Management, Project Management. She began her career in 2010 as a chemistry laboratory assistant at Tengizchevroil, she was the technical coordinator of the ROOPU project (digital project) of TCO and the head of the Baker Hughes technical staff for Tengizchevroil facilities. She held the position of consultant at Schlumberger, the position of regional sales and business development manager at Baker Hughes – a line of Industrial Chemicals for the Caspian region and Europe. Since 2017, she has been a regional sales manager for technical services at Enerpac/Hydratight (Caspian region and Middle East). In 2022, Inga joined Halliburton where she took the position of Head of the line of technology services for Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and in 2023 she headed the sales and business development direction.

Bayan Tulenbaeva, Deputy Director for Design and Functional Support of KazNIGRI LLP

Bayan graduated from KazNTU. He has a master’s degree in oil and gas engineering. She has more than 10 years of experience in various positions of the Atyrau branch of KMG Engineering LLP. She began her career at the Caspimunaigas Research Institute LLP as a technician in the geophysics and petrophysics department and worked as an expert in the development service of the department for the development of KTM, KGM, KOA, and UO fields. She is the author of more than 30 scientific papers.

Meruert Dosmukhambetova, Business Development Advisor, Marketing and Transportation Department, Tengizchevroil LLP

Meruert joined Chevron’s Eurasian division in 2012 and holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from KBTU and a master’s degree in business administration from the Vienna University of Economics in the field of energy. Over the years she worked at Chevron Munaigas Inc. and KMG, including chief economist, transformation project manager, deputy director of the Tengiz project department. In her current position, she is involved in promising areas of business development and supporting petrochemical projects.

– Kalima Mambetova, Head of the laboratory of the research workshop of Karazhanbasmunai JSC

– Zulfiya Baimukanova, Deputy Head of the Budgeting and Control Department of Zhaikmunai LLP

Zulfiya has been working in the oil industry since 1993. She began her career in the financial department of Kazakhgas JSC. Since 2004, she has been working at Zhaikmunai LLP in the financial department. Currently she serves as Deputy Head of the Department of Budgeting and Control for the Execution of Contract Obligations. She has more than 30 years of experience in the oil industry.

– Zhumasulu Bisekenova, Head of the Materials and Corrosion, NCOC

– Zhanar Nurgalieva, HR Director of KAZPETROL GROUP

Zhanar has more than 22 years of experience in large international companies, including Chevron Munaigas Inc, Raiffaisen Leasing Intl in HR management, both as a consultant and HR director. Zhanar joined the company in 2016, successfully applied her international experience in the field of HR in KAZPETROL GROUP LLP (Kazpetrol group) and consulted other companies of the group. Her HR experience spans over 20 years with a primary focus on improving the effectiveness of the HR function and the strategic role of HR. She made a great contribution by introducing the most innovative human capital management tools, such as: grading, automation of HR processes, creation of a corporate university, implementation of a health management program (wellbeing) and others. She is a member of the Industry Council for Professional Qualifications in the Oil and Gas, Oil Mining and Petrochemical Industries.

Ainagul Tulemisova, process engineer of oil treatment shop #3 of the Zhanazhol oil and gas refining complex of CNPC-Aktobemunaigas JSC

Ainagul began her career in 2000 at the Kazakh Chinese Drilling Company “Great Wall” LLP as a 2nd category laboratory collector. Since 2002, she has been working as an operator of category 3 technological units in the oil preparation workshop of the Zhanazhol gas processing plant. Currently, she has been working as a process engineer of category II in the same workshop. The management appointed her as a shop process engineer in 2007. As a process engineer, she took an active part in the commissioning work of the oil treatment shop-2,3, together with representatives of the contracting organization, she developed design changes and adjusted the technological regulations of the installations. Ainagul constantly improves her professional level and was nominated the “Best Engineer”.

Aliya Abish, Director of Legal Affairs of the Kusto Oil group of companies “Galaz and K” and “Tumar Petrol”

Aliya has more than 22 years of experience in the corporate sector in companies such as BRB Invest, HELIOS LLP, MIGA GROUP LLP and others. She has more than 20 years of management experience in the legal and corporate departments of various Kazakhstani companies in various industries, including in the production and circulation of petroleum products and subsoil use. She negotiates legal issues at all levels and with any regulatory authorities. She is a member of the Industry Council for Professional Qualifications in the Oil and Gas, Oil Mining and Petrochemical Industries. She participated in the creation of the PetroMining association, continuing to provide comprehensive professional support for its activities. She is a member of the initiative group on problematic issues of subsoil use as well as the development of relevant proposals for draft amendments to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.