Our main results in 2023

Dear Friends!

In 2023, Petrocouncil worked a lot and actively as a dialogue platform between large oil and gas operators and business community and have made significant progress for the domestic oil industry!

Our information platforms have over 72 thousand subscribers: 11,000 are in Telegram, 24,300 in Instagram, 8,000 in Facebook, and almost 29,000 on LinkedIn.
We are the only oil and gas platform in Kazakhstan that publishes on LinkedIn for English-speaking audience (we are followed in more than 40 countries).

But we consider our main achievement of the organization of a series of industry events that brought together top managers and key specialists of the largest companies as well as the oilfield services companies.

The most popular industry events were the PetroDigital, PetroMaintanance and PetroHR forums, which brought together more than +2000 IT specialists, technical and HR managers. The PetroCatering&FM forum had a great interest and for the first time suppliers of food and agricultural products from all regions of Kazakhstan were able to get know the procurement plans of leading oil companies and present their capabilities.

In total, our events were attended by more than +1000 SMEs and large companies in Kazakhstan.
These events help local business communities establish a dialogue with large oil and gas operators who account for about 80% of industry procurement.

We also organized procurement and prequalification seminars with major operators – TCO, NCOC and KPO. Over 300 local companies took part in those seminars. We also prepared guides for local SMEs on prequalification and procurement processes of TCO and NCOC.
A separate seminar was also held on the EPC project “Rozhkovskoe” with Ural Oil&Gas with more than +100 participants/SMEs.

With the support of the US Department of Commerce, we organized a Kazakh delegation visit to the OTC exhibition in Houston and organized working meetings with Chevron. We also organized the series seminars with the European Associatio EuroBak, the British Chamber of Commerce and EY on taxation in the oil and gas industry.
A strategic partnership was established with EuroBak, the British Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstab, the Russian oil and gas association ‘EnergoInnovation’ and the consulting company EY.

Moreover, Petrocouncil initiated and promoted (through the Amanat party, Mazhilis Parliament and Ministry of Energy) proposals on issues of local content, industrial zone and special economic zone in Atyrau region.

Petrocouncil supported Edil-Oral (EO) in creating a private industrial zone for the localization of goods for the needs of TCO. TCO and EO are working on localization opportunities for the Tengiz project.

For technical issues, we organized technical seminars
for operators on corrosion issues in partnership with KhimStroyServis LLP and ‘Corrosion Protection Center’. With the partnership of akimat of the Atyrau region we worked on opening of a small industrial zone for the processing of KPI polypropylene in Atyrau.

As part of the development of local content with the financial support of TCO we trained more than 200 unemployed residents of the Zhylyoi district to start their own start-up entrepreneurship projects.

Finally, we could provide support and assistance to more than 60 SMEs on various issues.