Assylbek Jakiyev and Richard Howe discussed problematic issues

The chairman of Assylbek Jakiyev held a meeting with the Managing director of NCOC Richard Howe, where the parties discussed problematic issues of local content and further cooperation. actively interacts with NCOC on local content issues, as well as issues such as technical regulations, etc.

“We cooperate closely, we not only ask NCOC to take the necessary actions for the local market, but also provide various assistance to NCOC. For example, on regulations. In turn, we are grateful to the company for its contribution to the fight against the pandemic. The O&G operator has strongly demonstrated its commitment to be the most open company for local business, “Assylbek Jakiyev said.

For example, in 2020, NCOC held five different webinars for SMEs. These were related to HSE, pre-qualification, QAQC and others. They attended all events held by to consolidate large operators and local businesses. Therefore, NCOC was nominated as the “Most Open O&G Operator for local business”.

The most active support of NCOC to Kazakhstani companies as well as openness to the local community took place under Managing director Richard Howe. We also interact with NCOC on localization, work permits, etc.