TCO published a procurement plan for 2021

Following the results of the last meeting with TCO General Director Eimear Bonner at the session of the regional parliament (maslikhat) of Atyrau region, Petrocouncil raised the issue of publishing a detailed... Read more »

Petrocouncil met with large foreign EPC contractors

During the visit to the UAE, Petrocouncil met with large foreign EPC contractors based in Dubai and working in O&G industry of Kazakhstan with the aim of the future involvement of Kazakhstani... Read more »

The Council to identify and eliminate barriers to entry into the country’s commodity markets

The Agency for the Protection and Development of Competition of the Republic of Kazakhstan created the Council to identify and eliminate barriers to entry into the country’s commodity markets. This Council was... Read more »

Assylbek Jakiyev and Richard Howe discussed problematic issues

The chairman of Assylbek Jakiyev held a meeting with the Managing director of NCOC Richard Howe, where the parties discussed problematic issues of local content and further cooperation. actively interacts... Read more »

Petrocouncil congratulates Eimer Bonner on the first place in the ranking

Petrocouncil congratulated TCO General Director Eimear Bonner on the #1 ranking in TOP-50 women leaders in O&G industry of Kazakhstan 2020. The first Rating in Kazakh history was published September 19th this... Read more »

Regional parliament’ agenda: TCO, NCOC local content and Atyrau

At a meeting of the commission of parliament (Maslikhat) of Atyrau region with the participation of members of parliament, heads of departments of the regional akimat (regional authority) and the deputy governor... Read more »

Bonatti in Kazakhstan. What we know about this company starts a series of analytical articles about the role of large foreign companies operating in the O&G industry of Kazakhstan; how they have been contributing to the development of the industry,... Read more »

Three ministries held a meeting on local content within the WTO

Today, October 16th, a meeting on the WTO was held with the participation of ministries and O&G operators KMG, NCOC, TCO and Total Dunga. The meeting was attended by the representatives of... Read more »

Webinar for representatives of SMEs

NCE Atameken, and Samruk-Kazyna Contract held a webinar on October 14 for representatives of SMEs working in the oil and gas industry. This webinar brought great interest from SMEs, since KazMunayGas... Read more »

The webinar with ISKER Group on the EPCC organized a webinar with ISKER Group on the EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning) project for new water treating facilities for North Caspian Operating Company (NCOC) October 12th. About 60 Kazakhstani companies... Read more »

Atyrau is preparing a platform for joint work of operators and IT companies

The head of the ASSYLBEK JAKIYEV during the meeting with the vice-minister of the energy who is responsible for digitalization discussed a number of issues related to digitalization in the O&G.... Read more »

Assylbek Jakiyev spoke about how the pandemic has greatly influenced local bussiness

The head of Assylbek Jakiyev spoke at the KIOGE 2020 conference about how the pandemic has greatly influenced local businesses working on the Kazakh oil&gas projects. “Recently I spoke with colleagues... Read more »

TOP-50 women leaders in O&G industry of Kazakhstan

We are honored to present a rating of women leaders who are the most active and successful in Kazakh O&G industry. We have been thoroughly working on analyzing all data to create TOP-50 women leaders in O&G industry of Kazakhstan for... Read more »

Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev – addressed the people of Kazakhstan with the annual message

The head of state – Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev – said in the annual Message to the people of Kazakhstan at the joint session of the Parliament chambers that it is necessary to determine... Read more »

Kazakhstan local content makes less than 3% in software for oils and gas

Ministry of Energy RoK and Petrocouncil are calling upon oil and gas operators to involve local IT talented people and to develop Kazakhstan local content in IT services. Petrocouncil jointly with the... Read more »

Atyrau city ambulance service received personal protective equipment as a gift

TCO and Vaternas decided to give to doctors of “Atyrau city ambulance station” municipal state-owned enterprise hundreds of protective suits, breathing apparatus, masks, gloves and glasses. Read more »