Atyrau is preparing a platform for joint work of operators and IT companies

The head of the ASSYLBEK JAKIYEV during the meeting with the vice-minister of the energy who is responsible for digitalization discussed a number of issues related to digitalization in the O&G.

Firstly, the operation of Atyrauhub in the region was discussed. The Ministry of Energy intends to develop an ecosystem for the IT companies in O&G in Western Kazakhstan.

“The ministry understands that there is the need for such hub. Since the world is changing rapidly and the issue of digitalization is now considered one of the most important. Therefore, we also want to do Atyrauhub link between Kazakhstani IT companies and O&G operators”, Assylbek Jakiyev said.

Previously, the issues of O&G digitalization were discussed at the online meeting of the NCE “Atameken” with the participation of the Chairman of the Presidium Timur Kulibayev.

According to vice-minister, the majority of IT companies are located in Almaty and Nur-Sultan, and major customers (O&G operators) are located in Atyrau. Therefore, there are few connections between them. To strengthen this connection, it is planned to attract the IT companies to Atyrauhub for full connection to customers.

“Operators welcome this initiative. The vice-minister Zhanat Zhahmetova is actively engaged in the promotion of digitalization in O&G. We agreed that we will be meeting operators often, we will be meeting with IT companies. NCOC, KPO, TCO supported the idea of the development of Atyrauhab. For example, Chevron has the social investment program that can be directed to the development of IT companies,” Assylbek Jakiyev said. The first meetings of IT companies and the majors are planned to be held in October-November this year.