Digitalization of oil and gas industry and Kazakhstani content

On April 9, 2019, “Digitalization of oil and gas industry and Kazakhstani content” conference was held in Atyrau in the framework of “Atyrau Oil and Gas” exhibition. It was organized by the Strategic Partnerships Development Council ( with the support of NCE Atameken and KazEnergy Association.

Today, the oil and gas industry is one of the leading sectors of Kazakhstan’s economy and the development and diversification of services provided by Kazakhstani companies to oil and gas operators of the country is a priority task of the state. The business community considers and offers various solutions to this problem. One of them is to increase the share of participation of Kazakhstani enterprises in the field of digital technologies used in the oil and gas sector.

The conference participants discussed examples of innovative development of the oil and gas industry, consolidation of production data and information security. Representatives of Kazakhstani and international companies were interested in the subsoil users’ plans for production digitalization.

The Representative of North Caspian Operating Company noted that the consortium plans to pay great attention to the digitalization of the production process in the implementation of the project for the development of the Kalamkas-sea deposit, which is planned in the coming years.

In turn, representatives of Kazakhstani IT companies assured subsoil users that they are ready to provide full services to oil and gas projects.

“Today, about 10 highly intelligent products have been developed and patented in Kazakhstan. They are digital counterparts, intelligent video surveillance systems, real-time data transmission, digital deposit technology, etc. We stand now at such a stage when big companies believe that we are not ready and will not be able to perform efficiently their order,” says the founder of the Digital Academy Mukhtar Mankeyev. Therefore, in his opinion, operators often attract foreign companies.

According to experts, Kazakhstani companies should understand that the provision of services to large oil and gas operators is tantamount to the work in foreign markets – quality requirements are very high.

“We understand that oil and gas operators are managed by large multinational companies such as Chevron, Shell, Eni and others. Our IT-companies should be ready for a very serious competition, as foreign IT-companies also participate in these oil and gas markets,” – said the managing partner of Dasco Consulting Group Darmen Sadvakassov.

At the same time, the market of digital services in the oil and gas industry varies within USD 180 million.

“Now the challenge before us is to make sure that such major oil and gas operators as TCO, KPO and NCOC share their plans for the digital services and that these data are available for Kazakhstani IT-companies,” – said Assylbek Dzhakiyev, the official representative of NCE Atameken on cooperation with major oil and gas operators and oilfield services development.

He believes that in order to realize the potential of Kazakhstani companies, it is necessary to establish cooperation between the customer and the service provider, and this can be achieved only with regular information exchange.


The Oil and Gas Industry Strategic Partnerships Development Council is a consultative and advisory cooperation of legal entities created under the auspices of NCE Atameken and KAZENERGY Association that coordinates all unions, councils and other alliances affiliated with the NCE Atameken, KazEnergy, Ministry of Energy, Ministry for Investments and Development, PSA and other organizations. The Council aims to increase the efficiency of consolidated work and eliminate duplicative efforts and tasks. In addition, the Association represents and promotes the interests of oil service companies and oil and gas market operators to ensure the fair and successful development of the oil and gas market.