Honeywell opened in Kazakhstan a new training center of automation

A new regional training center of automation under the auspices of Kazakhstan-British technical university (KBTU) was opened in Almaty thanks to Honeywell company.

The center of automation will help university students in study and acquisition of practical skills of  working in the industry of  production processes automation. Also engineers of  local Kazakhstan enterprises will advance here their qualification.

Honeywell provided the new training center with all necessary equipment and software. At the center they will teach the basics of increasing personnel and equipment operation efficiency, reduction of costs due to unplanned downtimes, reduction of operational errors and increasing of safety at production enterprises.

Within frames of  KBTU and Honeywell joint program the university teachers undergo intensive training in operation of equipment and software and soon they will be ready to share their knowledge with students. Honeywell teachers will conduct certified courses for specialists of  companies-customers.

“Our goal is to train highly qualified specialists and scientists, – says KBTU principal Kenzhebek Ibrashev. – Partnership with Honeywell will help our students to get access to the most modern technologies and to become experts in their fields. While complying with goals of  “Digital Kazakhstan” program Honeywell center of automation will help local talented people to receive and preserve in Kazakhstan critically important knowledge about tendencies in the field of digitalization”.

Honeywell has been operating in Kazakhstan for 20 years. The company offices in Almaty, Atyrau and Nur-Sultan support enterprises of  industrial sector through modern advanced technologies. Technical personnel of  Kazakhstan key players of oil and gas industry undergo training and refresher courses in Honeywell training centers in Belgium, Netherlands, UAE, Russia as well as in Honeywell regional training center in Atyrau. More than 70% of all Honeywell trainings for Kazakhstan companies over the last several years were conducted for Tengizchevroil LLP (TCO).

“We are focused on local content development and transfer of  technologies whereas knowledge is the key element”, – stated Murat Mukashev – TCO deputy general director. – Cooperation with Honeywell and KBTU will help us to continue training of  high level specialists, who have all necessary skills for improvement of production processes and further increase of  local content”.

Training center in KBTU was created on the basis of experience of Honeywell international training centers and cooperation of  the company with universities all over the world. The new center will host certified trainings for operators, engineers, technical maintenance personnel and production managers. KBTU students will be able to practice modeling of processes, programming, monitoring of productivity, troubleshooting and increase of operational efficiency of enterprises.

“Launching of the new training center is another step of  Honeywell in the direction of supporting “Digital Kazakhstan” state program and local content development projects, the purpose of  which is expansion of the possibility of practical training for future specialists, – commented Georgy Georgiev, Honeywell president in Russia and Customs union countries. – Operators, process engineers and other technical specialists of key industries in Kazakhstan economy will get an opportunity of  working with Honeywell modern solutions for automation of technological processes including newest means of virtualization”.

In spite of the fact that Honeywell has been physically present in Kazakhstan for more than two decades actually the company has been working with enterprises of oil and gas industry for more than 40 years. Even prior to opening of the first office in Almaty Honeywell company UOP started supply of technologies in different directions – from gas production and treatment, oil transportation to advanced refining. Honeywell realized multiple projects at large local and international enterprises. Technical and training center for advancing of qualification of operators, process engineers, system engineers and other technical specialists has been operating in Atyrau since 2004.

Honeywell company deals with development of industrial technologies and is on the Fortune magazine list of 100 leading world companies. The corporation provides services to customers all over the world offering products and providing services in such industries as production of aerospace equipment, special materials as well as management systems for industrial enterprises and buildings. The company helps to implement advanced information technologies in aviation, at production enterprises and in buildings with the purpose of increasing efficiency of supply chains and work of personnel.