How the Future Growth Project is realized in Tengiz

Recently in Atyrau in the course of meeting with the public of the region Tengizchevroil LLP (TCO) representatives provided updated information about Future growth project and Wellhead pressure management project (FGP-WPMP) on Tengiz field.

As legal support manager of FGP-WPMP Nurtas Kenganov said as of the first six months of 2019 more than 48 thousands of the republic citizens are employed at facilities of the project in Kazakhstan, which is equal to 91% of total quantity of FGP-WPMP personnel in the country. According to him the Future growth project design work completion indicator exceeded 90%. 51 assembly modular overpasses manufactured on Ersai production platform in Mangistau region. All 5 gas turbine generators have been shipped from production platform in Italian city Avenza. In South Korea the operations pertaining to manufacture of modules are going on. 34 modules have been shipped from there as of today.

“There are ongoing works pertaining to construction of united center of operations management, which center will become the main center of operations management of the whole Tengiz oilfield”, – stated Nurtas Kenganov and added that construction-assembly works at “Basic” substation are nearing completion and soon it will be ready for power supply.

At the third generation plant the installation of mechanical and electrical equipment and instruments is going on.

TCO representative advised that in the process of FGP realization the company involved Kazakhstan companies for provision of services in engineering and technical development of the project, purchasing and fabrication of modules. As of the moment more than 2200 Kazakhstan companies passed preliminary qualification, of these 450 companies registered in Kazakhstan are operating at FGP-WPMP facilities.

“Kazakhstan content in project expenses since the beginning of realization reached 6,7 billions of US dollars. Within frames of the program for assessment of technical capabilities TCO specialists visited more than 160 Kazakhstan companies”, – shared Nurtas Kenganov.

According to him Ersai company work scope in Aktau includes manufacture of 75 assembly modular overpasses. The Kazakhstan enterprise will manufacture totally around 60 000 tons of structures. The first assembly modular overpass was shipped from the production platform in April 2018. The project work scope on ERSAI platform will finish in the current year.

The fleet consisting of 3 vessels and 3 barges was allocated for supply of assembly modular overpasses and blocks to facilities of cargo transportation route for further transportation to Tengiz.

“Barys”, “Berkut” and “Sunkar” vessels have been especially designed within frames of FGP and transferred to KazMorTransFlot company for shipment of assembly modular overpasses.

Capacities of Kazakhstan Caspian Offshore Industries (KCOI) were used for manufacture of assembly modular tubular overpasses within Future Growth Project. In 2018 KCOI received an order for manufacture of 9 large and 1 small remote control unit. The work scope is performed by personnel in quantity of 360 persons, 97% of whom are Kazakhstan citizens, Kazakhstan content is 75%.

Training of personnel

In July of the current year the Complex program for social and economic development of Atyrau region in 2019-2020 and Mangistau region for 2019-2020 was launched within FGP.

As of today training and teaching are carried out under the auspices of centers “Higher college of APEC Petrotechnic” (APEC) and “Aktau training center”.

Within frames of the first stage of the program realization in September 2019 in Mangistau region 108 persons finished training in construction trades. In October 134 persons started training within frames of the second stage.

In Atyrau region 238 persons started training in TCO training centers under this program.

According to Nurtas Kenganov the company publishes open vacancies on its official website, where it is possible to check out open vacancies and submit an application for employment by selecting the relevant position from the list.