Kazakhstan will suspend issue of permits for employment of foreign workforce

Askar Mamin — Republic of Kazakhstan Prime-minister – instructed mayor’s administrations and the Ministry for labor and social security of population to suspend issue of permits for employment of foreign workforce.

The prohibition shall apply to citizens from countries with unfavorable level of coronoviral infection.

“Also issuing of transit electronic tourist visas shall be suspended for countries with unfavorable situation concerning spreading of coronoviral infection”, – he added.

The Ministry for industry and infrastructural development was commissioned to limit scheduled flights to countries, where coronovirus is actively spreading.

“Also I commission to ensure increase in production of medical masks and other protective devices at our pharmaceutical enterprises”, – he continued.

The Ministry for healthcare has been ordered to strengthen sanitary-epidemiological monitoring at all check points of the state border and ensure preparedness for realization of events scheduled in the algorithm of actions.

“Regional mayor’s administrations shall strengthen anti-epidemiological measures in state and private organizations, especially in schools, educational institutions, population service centers. The Ministry for information jointly with the Ministry for healthcare shall perform quality awareness building work with population aimed at explanation of preventive measures”, – summed up the head of the Cabinet of ministers.