Main associations in O&G sector

The Kazakh oil and gas sector is represented by several main associations, each is responsible for the various segments of the industry.


The Kazenergy Association was created on November 2, 2005. Its goal is to assist in creating favorable conditions for the dynamic development of the country’s fuel and energy industry. Kazenergy unites over 50 major players in the oil and gas and energy industry, including mining and transport, service and geophysical, uranium and other transnational companies.

— analysis and development of proposals and recommendations for improving legislation;
— assistance in the development and implementation of environmentally friendly, resource-saving technologies in the country;
— assistance to members of the Association in introducing changes to legislation in order to form the level of tax burden.

Chairman- Kenzhebek Ibrashev.


The Petrocouncil, Kazakh Oil and Gas Council (The Council of Strategic Partnerships in the Oil and Gas Industry)
It was created in 2018 to consolidate efforts to develop local content in large oil and gas projects and is considered to be as one of the main, recognized dialogue platforms.

Petrocouncil focuses on the local content development, mainly:

— promotes the cooperation between oil and gas operators, service companies, manufacturers, educational institutions, associations and government agencies to protect the interests of local businesses;

— promotes the development of interstate and intersectoral cooperation in the oil and gas industry;

— organizes events to resolve specialized issues in the oil and gas industry.

Petrocouncil is chaired by Assylbek Jakiyev.


The Union of Oil Service Companies of Kazakhstan was formed in 2011. Its main task is to unite domestic oil service companies for a consolidated approach to solving existing problems in the industry.

Kazservice is engaged in:

— involvement of domestic companies in oil and gas projects;

— defending the interests of the Union members;

— discussion of issues related to procurement, interaction of contractors with customers and government regulation of business.

Chairman of the Presidium – Rashid Zhaksylykov


The PetroMining Association, consisting of oil producing and oil refining organizations; it was created in 2023 with the aim of promoting the interests of the small medium-sized subsoil users at the government level.

PetroMining goals:

— promoting and defending the interests of subsoil users with strengthening their status in the industry market;

— development of the oil industry, observance of justice and equality in relation to oil producing organizations.

For six months, the Association organized:

— the first congress of subsoil users that brought together 61 of the 85 existing organizations;

— development of a roadmap describing problematic issues and ways to solve them, which was presented to the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

— participation in the creation of a specialized working group under the Ministry of Energy to resolve problematic issues of subsoil users;

— participation in the development of the new Tax Code and other laws;

Today, PetroMining includes more than 40 subsoil users n Kazakhstan.

The chairman of the Association is Sayat Boranbekov.

Petrochemical Association PGCA

The association was founded in August 2020. It was created with the aim of uniting legal entities to represent common interests and promote the sustainable development of the petrochemical industry in Kazakhstan.

The PGCA provides communications between industry participants, manufacturers, consumers, and government agencies.

The founders of the Association are petrochemical companies of Kazakhstan as Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries, KLPE, Sapali Technology, Karabatan Chemical Corporation, Caspio Plast and Light Way Solution.

General Director – Gabit Tolkimbayev.