Webinar for representatives of SMEs

NCE Atameken, Petrocouncil.kz and Samruk-Kazyna Contract held a webinar on October 14 for representatives of SMEs working in the oil and gas industry. This webinar brought great interest from SMEs, since KazMunayGas group of companies operate according to the Samruk-Kazyna procurement rules.

About 80 companies took part in the webinar. The SMEs were provided with information about the new concept of prequalification, category management in procurement of the Samruk-Kazyna group, e-procurement system and the program for promoting the creation of new industries (localization).

From 2021, procurement will be carried out among suppliers who have passed PQS 2.0 in various categories. In particular, such categories include valves, special footwear, maintenance footwear, and well piping (for uranium mining companies).

The advantages of the new concept of the POC were also identified. For example, the new concept will provide a link between PQS and procurement where the selection of the supplier will be carried out according to the qualification criteria.

Also, the quality of the prequalification process will be simplified and improved. First, prequalification will be carried out only in significant and strategic categories. Secondly, the levels of criticality and compliance, points, and ratings will be abandoned. Third, the questionnaire questions have been significantly reduced. Fourth, only eligible vendors will be included in the List.

In addition, control and transparency of the process will increase. Information on prequalified suppliers will be available with all actions in the system will be recorded. The time and resources for customers to evaluate suppliers will be reduced as well as tender procedures will be simplified.

All questions should be addressed to the Samruk-Kazyna Contract company at the number: 8 (7172) 570275.