About 100 students have completed dual training at EMG production facilities since 2015

For 4 years, the company has been successfully implementing the dual training program for students of higher and secondary educational institutions, aimed at training of qualified specialists for the oil and gas industry, ”said Anuar Zhaksybekov, Chairman of the Management Board of Embmunaygas JSC (EMG).

Since 2015, 97 students underwent dual training at EMG production facilities. Of them, 20 are students of the APEC PetroTechnic Higher College, 73 are students of the Atyrau University of Oil and Gas named after S.Utebayev, and 4 are students of the Ufa State Oil Technical University.

“More than half of the interns who have completed our practical training are employed by the company by a result of testing,” said Anuar Zhaksybekov during his speech at a scientific conference held in Atyrau on September 1.

According to him, in the near future the company expands the list of educational institutions for dual training. “Embamunaigas” company is preparing to sign a memorandum with the Atyrau Polytechnic College named after S. Mukashev to have the teaching personnel to study a production and new technologies being introduced in the company to further inclusion of this information in the educational process.

The head of EMG noted that in 2012-2018 the company paid taxes to the republican and local budgets in the amount of more than 897 billion tenge, more than 4.3 billion tenge was allocated for the development of regional infrastructure.

Today, the number of employees of the enterprise totals more than 5 thousand people.